Our name

CumiTalitha qumi! These words echo across the ages as we recall the incident where Jesus is called to the sickbed of a little girl. (Mark 5:41) Upon arriving at her parent’s home he hears that she has died several hours previously and that he is to late to do anything.

However, He takes the little girl’s parents as well as three of his disciples and goes into her room where he takes her hand and bids her “Talitha qumi” – little girl, stand up for me. She then wakes from the dead and joins her joyous family.cumi1

In this story we find four fundamental truths that we want to apply to the care of the intellectually disabled person:

  • With God anything is possible.
  • Families, represented in this case by the parents, must be involved with in the care and rehabilitation.
  • As does the local community, represented by the disciples.
  • Over and above our responsibility to get the disabled person to ‘stand up’ we also have the task to ‘stand up’ for them in situations where they cannot do so for themselves.

It is upon these four truths that we build Qumi Homes for Intellectually Disabled Persons.