Our story

Qumi Homes was founded in August 2007 as a local initiative in response to the Department of Mental Health’s transformation policy. The policy provides that persons with special needs would be cared for in their own community, by their own community and for their own community. The government, in partnership with the community and the families take collective responsibility for the care of persons with special needs, in our case, the intellectually disabled.

All the residents, as well as 15 persons who live with their parents in the area, participate in the day programs at one of our two day care centers every week day. Here they do simple assembly work for an irrigation company, participate in the recycling project, do crafts, play sports and go on outings.

The needs of Qumi Homes are varied and many and is partially provided by government subsidies, family contributions and sponsors. Qumi Homes is grateful for everyone’s continued support.

Your valuable contributions makes Qumi Homes a sustainable project. This enables us to stand up for all of the disabled, so that they can stand up for themselves and be counted.

The founders of Qumi Homes sees this project as a God-given challenge, as summarized in Mark 5: 41-43: “As he took her hand, he said to the child:” Child, arise (talita qumi)!”.